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Australian Kelpie Items

go to list of individual dog breed items (each breed has its own page)

Please look towards the bottom of the page for pricing and ordering information.

Oval head screws are included for any of the hardware.

How do I place an order?

You can pay instantly with PayPal by using this link:

Printable Order Form.

This Dog Head can be configured for any of the following pieces, even if I don't have pictures of them in this format yet.  Scroll down the page to see what I have already done for this one, or Click on any item name in this chart to see examples of that style of piece.

Deluxe! Finger Pulls (knob alternative)
All the heads start out this way

Bottle Openers Brackets for towel or curtain rods Clicker Pendants Head on Lanyard with "Clicker "for positive training Small Door Knockers or Cabinet Pulls, smaller and unique knockers / cabinet pulls Bookmarks

Head that peers over the top of the book, with loop and tab below to fit on either side of the page.

NEW Wall Mounted Bottle Openers Towel Rings

with 6" Ring below head

J Hooks with "J" shaped Hook below. Sturdy for leashes, coats, etc. Letter Openers with blade below the head Ornaments / Pendants
for your Holiday! (or Pendants for any time)
Pendants Head on Lanyard (without  Clicker)

Scarf Rings with ring below head, crossbar and carrier on the back

Duet Door Knockers (new)
Larger Door Knockers using 2 heads, above a rod. swiveling knocker and strike plate

Napkin Rings with ring below head

Deluxe finger pull, knob alternative - use anywhere you would use a Cabinet Knob!

Australian Kelpie Deluxe! Finger Pull Australian Kelpie Deluxe! Finger Pull, side view Australian Kelpie Deluxe! Finger Pull, top view Australian Kelpie Deluxe! Finger Pull, back view

(2" h x 1 3/8" w x 1 1/2" d)


Deluxe dogs $31 ea.  Quantity discounts available ($29, $26)

Bottle Openers  --  Dog or Animal Head with sturdy, functional bottle opener beneath it.

Australian Kelpie Bottle Opener Australian Kelpie Bottle Opener, side view Australian Kelpie Bottle Opener, back view

(Click on pictures to enlarge them.)

( 3 3/4" h x 1 5/8"w  x 1 1/2"d)

Australian Kelpie

$45 ea. Quantity discounts available ($42, $35)

Dog Napkin Rings -- 3 D dog heads, hollowed out behind, with an attached "collar" for the napkin ring, about 1 1/2 " diameter.

Australian Kelpie Napkin Ring Australian Kelpie Napkin Ring, side view Australian Kelpie Napkin Ring, back view

Australian Kelpie

Dog Napkin Rings $36 ea. Quantity discounts available ($32, $24) 

Dog Head Scarf Rings

Dog Scarf Rings $40 each. Quantity discounts available ($35, $29)

Australian Kelpie Scarf Ring Australian Kelpie Scarf Ring, side view Australian Kelpie Scarf Ring, in hand Australian Kelpie Scarf Ring, back view

(Click on pictures to enlarge them.)

Australian Kelpie

The Scarf Rings features a beautiful three dimensional dog head with a round "collar" , about 1 1/2" in diameter, that extends downward from the dog head with a horizontal bar across the center. I am putting an extra carrier loop on the back of all the scarf rings, but I don't have them all pictured yet.  Thread the scarf through the top half and back through to bottom in order to hold the scarf in place and feature the lovely head!  It works best with lighter weight scarves, since they need to fit through the rings.

Dog Small Door Knockers or Cabinet Pulls -- 3 D dog heads, hollowed out behind, hanging by a ring from a "bone" shaped back plate with a strike plate beneath the head.  About 2 1/2" high.  Most suitable for an interior door because of size.

Australian Kelpie Door Knocker / Cabinet Pull Australian Kelpie Door Knocker / Cabinet Pull, side view Australian Kelpie Door Knocker / Cabinet Pull, open view

Australian Kelpie

Dog Small Door Knockers / Cabinet Pulls $45 ea. Quantity discounts available ($42, $35)

Dog Towel and Curtain Rods

$109 each. Quantity discounts available ($99, $75).  (This price is includes 2 dog heads, a 6" brass rod  [5/8" diameter] with finials).  If you want a longer rod, it is available @ $2 for each additional inch, up to 36" (longer rods are available, but may have to be specially ordered). 

Australian Kelpie Bracket, side view Australian Kelpie Bracket Australian Kelpie Bracket Australian Kelpie Bracket, back view

(Click on pictures to enlarge them.)

Australian Kelpie 

Wonderful Dog Heads for 5/8" diameter towel or curtain rods.  The head is above the bar, so it will show even if  the towel or curtain in place.  A loop extends downward from the head, from which to support the rod about 1 1/2" from the wall.  If you use my brass rods, they have a bushing and finial which is screwed onto a threaded rod that extends the length of the curtain or towel rod.  The round finials make an elegant ending to the rod, and prevents the rod from pulling out, unless you unscrew the finial.  The finials extend about 1 3/8" beyond each end of the rod.

Dog J Hooks

$40 each. Quantity discounts available ($35, $29)

Australian Kelpie Head Hook Australian Kelpie Head Hook, side view Australian Kelpie Head Hook, back view

(Click on pictures to enlarge them.)

Australian Kelpie

The hook section (excluding the head and base) is about 3 1/2" long and reaches down about 1 3/4" from the base of the head and out about 2 " from the wall. to be used on flat surface [wall, shower, door, or cabinet] from which to hang items such as:   coats, robes, towels, keys, etc. Oval head screws are included and will fill the holes in the base of each hook.  Oval head screws are included.

Pet Pendants with OR without Clickers!

Pendants $42 each. Quantity Discounts available ($39, $32)

WITH Clickers $45 each. Quantity discounts available ($42, $35) 

Pendants with OR without clickers on the back!

(click here to find out more about clickers and how to use them!)

Kelpie Clicker Pendant Kelpie Clicker Pendant, side view Kelpie Clicker Pendant, top view

(Click on pictures to enlarge them.)

Australian Kelpie 

These are bronze pendants, on a black lanyard (34" or 86 cm long, adjustable)   The sturdy black plastic and stainless steel clicker ( 2" x 1" x 1 3/16" deep OR  5 cm x 2.5 cm x 1.7 cm deep) is perfectly functional on the back of the pendant, and ideally suited for positive training.  All of the clickers include a "button" on the back, for ease of use, see picture below.  These pendants are beautiful and very functional.  I created them because I was always wearing my clicker around my neck in order to "capture" my dog's good behavior with a well timed "CLICK", and I wanted to make it more decorative.  The clickers are black instead of some of the garish colors that you see on other clickers.  The pendant has two loops on the top, so it will always stay facing forward.  There is a small plastic cord lock on the lanyard so you can easily adjust the length.  The space below the dog's head on most of these is suitable for engraving.

Clicker details

(Click on the picture to enlarge it)

The above picture shows the back of the clicker, and another clicker with a "button" on it, which now is included with all my clickers at no extra charge.  These "buttons" vary in appearance, depending on availability. It makes it possible to "CLICK" with gloves on, since you don't have to fit a thumb or finger into the clicker to activate it.  This also shows the lanyard with the cord lock and cord end on it.

$45 each. Quantity discounts available ($42, $35)

Bronze Hook

Australian Kelpie Hook Australian Kelpie Hook, side view

(Click on pictures to enlarge them.)

( 3 5/8"h x 2 1/2"w)

 Australian Kelpie

$40 each. Quantity discounts available ($35, $29)

My new dog hardware is mostly customer driven, so please let me know in which breeds you are interested, or if you want new items with this breed.

More breeds are always under construction. Which would you like to see?  Do you have good reference pictures for them?  Email me!

All the items on this site are priced in 3 levels, depending on the total number of items you purchase at one time.  Click here to go to discount list page.

You qualify for the retail price (first price) if you get from 1 - 3 items. 

You qualify for the discount price (second price) if you purchase between 4 - 23 items at once.

You qualify for the wholesale price (third price) if you purchase 24 or more items at once.

$8 shipping charge covers most orders (in the USA)! Please email us for shipping charges outside the USA.

You can see the prices for all the categories of items here.

All pieces are 100% guaranteed!

Printable order form.

How do I place an order?

You can pay instantly with PayPal by using this link:

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